Crystal Field and Theater for the New City (TNC) will present a varied schedule "Scratch Night” performance program, which offers the opportunity for artists to present work in progress to an audience for one night. Scratch Night started in the United Kingdom in 2000 as a way to show work in progress in an evolution of performances. Theater for the New City was the first theater in America to do Scratch Night and the idea is now taking root most notably in other U.S. cities including Philadelphia and Seattle. At TNC, we will put our own spin on the idea to best serve our own theatre community and New York area audiences.

Scratch Night is looking for a variety of the most daring artists to try out their most cool thoughts on stage and the audience will help in the development by way of TNC’s scratch ballot. Scratch Nights will take place throughout the year on a varied schedule. All theatrical forms are welcome. All stages of development are welcome.

Scratch Night at TNC will continue on Monday, November 17 at 7:00pm

Teachers' Lounge:

A Tragedy or A Farce

(I can't decide which)

by Martin Coren

This presentation is directed by Joan Kane

$5 Suggested Donation.

It's finally here – the play that explains everything you wanted to know about New York City's unfathomable public school system . . . or at least wallows in the inexplicable!

Keith Goldman is a first-year Special Education teacher at Performance High School in the Bronx, a slightly surreal place that, due to persistent student failure, is slated to close and employs four remaining teachers serving the last 20 students. Dr. Evelyn Crabbworth, strong in faith but with an overbearing incompetence that alienates everyone, leads the school. When the head of the local chapter of the teachers’ union is caught colluding with Crabbworth to suppress members' complaints, the other teachers rebel, electing Keith as their leader. He embraces the challenge of effecting positive change and, when all else fails, contacts the superintendent, who pressures Crabbworth to get her house in order. Crabbworth, struggling to salvage her career, learns that Keith and English teacher Linda Bauer are romantically involved, and brings her up on disciplinary charges. Keith must choose between maintaining his integrity by advocating strenuously and compromising his ideals to keep Linda from losing her license. The resulting conflict teaches all these educators an enduring lesson about life.

At Theater For The New City
155, 1st Avenue (Between 9th & 10 St)

Martin Coren's plays have been read and produced here and abroad. Most recently, The Typewriter, Carroll Gardens and Sand Between Our Toes were read at Theater for the New City. Special thanks to Crystal Field and Michael Scott-Price.

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New York, NY 10003
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