THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY Foundation, Inc. (TNC) is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation,

EIN #13-2964851.

Our Annual Report is available for download here.

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY was founded in 1970 by Crystal Field to realize
clear purposes and goals:

-To embody the vision of a center for new and innovative theater arts that would be truly accessible to the community and its experimental theater artists.

-To discover relevant new writing and to nurture new playwrights.

-To be a bridge between playwright, experimental theater artist, and the ever growing audiences in the community.

-To create spaces where a new vision can breathe and be nourished by a working process not subject to commercial constraints and pressures.

-To create events and ways in which to bring theater into the community and bring the community into the theater.

Now in its 45th year, THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY is a unique Cultural Institution that has earned a nationwide reputation for its dedication to nurturing established and emerging playwrights who experiment with new forms and to presenting other experimental and developmental theaters with a very active program of Community Art Services and Festivals, which continue to expand theater accessibility. 

Theater for the New City’s mission is to create events and ways in which to bring theater into the community and bring the community into the theater.

          Dear Friends,

        TNC has once again demonstrated its commitment to Quality Theater for the New York community. In the past season, TNC produced 30 new dramas, comedies and musicals in its past season. The past fiscal year was filled with wonderful opportunities and many challenges.  Some of the highlights were:

Emerging Playwrights Program

Annual Dream Up Festival

Annual Street Theater

Annual Village Halloween Costume Ball

Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts

The following is an overview of Theater for the New City’s Income and expenses for fiscal year ending June 30, 2015

Total Support and Revenue:                                    

 Contributions                                                          $463,141

Government Grants                                                 $40,979

Gross Benefit Income                                             $33,360

Less: Direct benefit expenses                                ($17,342)

 Box Office Receipts                                                $256,621

 Rental Income                                                         $121,000

 Dream Up Festival                                                  $18,000

 TNC Café                                                                $26,000

Arts Sales                                                                $4,441

Total Support And Revenue                                 $946,000

 Total Expenses

Program Services:

Resident Theater                                                      $523,499

Community Festival                                                $47,522

Street Theater                                                          $110,733

Presenting Theater                                                   $114,281

Arts in Education                                                     $32,675

Total Program Expenses:                                      $828,740


Supporting Services

General and administrative                                       $121,543

Fund-Raising                                                             $40,023

Total Support Expenses:                                         $161,566

 Total Expenses:                                                        $990,306

 Ending Net Asset:                                                    $1,778,905

 Board Of Directors:

Crystal Field, President

Janet Piontek, Chairman

Philip Hackett, Secretary/Treasurer

Edward Shea, Vice Chairman

Alexander Bartenieff

Jean Buchalter

Vinie Burrows

Myrna Duarte

Margaret Guarino

Deena & Ernest Harburg 

Joel Kupferman

Eduardo Machado

Mark Marcante

Lisa Miller

Alberto Minero

Tim Robbins

Mary Tierney

Frank Zuback

 A copy of our IRS Form 990 is available here.

Theater for the New City

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director

155 First Avenue
(between 9th and 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003

Telephone: (212) 254-1109
Fax: (212) 979-6570

Tax ID #:13-2694851

Theater For The New CIty is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 corporation

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