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This season (2014-15); TNC has once again demonstrated its commitment to Quality Theater for the New York community. In the past season, TNC produced 30 new dramas, comedies and musicals in its RESIDENT THEATER PROGRAM, including 15 by playwrights in our EMERGING PLAYWRIGHTS PROGRAM. In addition, TNC presented 10 productions in its PRESENTING PROGRAM, 24 in its ANNUAL DREAM UP! FESTIVAL, brought its free ANNUAL STREET THEATER production to 13 locations in all 5 boroughs of NYC, and provided community access to hundreds of local artists through the ANNUAL VILLAGE HALLOWEEN COSTUME BALL and THE LOWER EAST SIDE FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS. Each semester, in TNC’s AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM eight teacher-artists provided 30 children from the East Village with their first exposure to all facets of theater arts as well as homework help. TNC’s ART GALLERY hosted 6 group shows of neighborhood artists. Highlights include a production by Emmy Award winning Playwright William Electric Black WHEN BLACK BOYS DIE commissioned by Theater for the New City, receiving critical acclaim. WHEN BLACK BOYS DIE is a highly evocative play, which touches on gun violence in our city and the horror and pathos of its lasting effect. UNDER THE KNIFE by Peter Zachary and NICO UNDERGROUND by Tammy Faye Starlight. Also garnered positive reviews. As well as Barbara Khan’s WOMEN OF THE WIND. BIKE SHOP, a musical created by Liz Barkan, centered around the passions that drive us, the choices we make, and the relationships that help to shape us along the way. DEVELOPING DAISY by Susan Einhorn, A musical about an LGBT Community ending with a pride parade. MARTY’S STREET by Misha Shulman, An Arab home and an Israeli home are doomed for demolition, both on the same street. One for suspected terrorism the other for the same. CASTERBRIDGE by David Willinger, adapted from The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy. I am enclosing some reviews.


TNC presented fifteen shows by emerging playwrights, including, TENDER BUTTONS by Gary Heidt, The story of Gertrude Stein. THE ART OF TARANTELLA by Allesandra Belloni. SIX PASSIONATE WOMEN by Mario Fratti is about love and lust in the ghetto. WOMAN IN A CHODOR by Claudio Angelini, The difficulties of being a woman in the Middle East. THE BUTTERFLY by Claude Solnick, The Bungling of Plastic Surgeons. THE WINTER OF APRIL by Ramiro Sandival, a woman’s struggle under the ridged rules of a patriarchal South American country. HARD RAIN by Michael Luggio, addiction versus creation. HORROS OF COCAINE by Carla Cubix struggles in a 12-step program. GREAT KILLS by Tom Diriwatcher starring Joe Pantolinao explores the dysfunctional family problems in failed entrepreneurial endeavors. THE ADDICTS by Ed Malin. ELIZABETH’S PRECIOUS KITTY by Jamal Williams is a story of a Dominatrix/Virgin who vows to protect her precious kitty. OLD FLAME by Richard Ploetz, A man seeking his high school love. FINDING MY WAY BACK HOME by Michael Vasquez, a story of homelessness and hope.


The 2015 Street Theater production was TEACH IT RIGHT OR, RIGHT TO TEACH. Street Theater toured 13 locations in 5 boroughs. This past year TEACH IT RIGHT OR, RIGHT TO TEACH, continued the Street Theater tradition of tackling current issues within a neighborhood setting. The company consisted of 50 members, including Equity and Non-Equity actors, crew, musicians, stage managers, stage and musical directors, and assistant directors. Our Street Theater continued its emphasis on young performers and audience members. Some of the young actors were graduates of TNC's Arts in Education program. The company was a mix not only of age, but also of ethnicity, and professional and amateur performers, including Equity actors, developing actors, two actors with disabilities, and community activist.

Workshops collaborators for the two week 2015 Street Theater Production of Teach It include: Licensed Teacher- Rachael Hessing, Composer- Joseph Vernon Banks, Professional Clowns- Michael Bongar from, and John Grimaldi, of the Clown Care Unit from Big Apple Circus. Other collaborators include Abi Hassen, from the National Lawyer's Guild, David McReynolds of the War Resister's League, TNC Playwright Bina Sharif, and Elizabeth Ruf, Playgrounds. The performances were free and attracted a total of 25,000 including many under-served audiences.

To fulfill our 2015- year through, Dec 31st TNC has already completed its 24-play season of its Dream Up Festival. Which ended Sept 20th. It produced a new play by Penny Arcade, and on Oct 1st opens a new musical by Tom Attea HEATHER SMILEY FOR PRESIDENT, A Rambunctious look at our future Presidential Elections. On Oct 8th we will open Mario Fratti's new play, WIVES. On Nov 9th a New play by Laura Caparrotti, DEALER OF SOULS. On Nov 9th a new play by Bina Sharif, LOVE IS A TRAMP. On Dec 3rd a new play by Tammy Faye Starlight, COUNTRY SONG. On Dec 17th an adaptation by David Zen Mansley of Charles Dickens CHRISTMAS CAROL. On Dec 17th we will present TIERRA DEL FUEGO by David Mandlebaum. On Dec 21st we will present David Anram at 85. We look forward to the many plays we have coming up in the spring of 2016.

The 2015 Lower East Side Festival of the Arts (LES) continued the 20th-year tradition of presenting a three-day, free event to the public. This festival celebrates all forms of diversity on the Lower East Side. The dates were May 22nd,  23rd, and 24th of, 2015. On Friday the 22nd indoor performances ran in the Johnson and Cabaret theaters from 6pm to 1am. On Saturday the 23rd, several programs ran during the day. Outside, from 12-6pm, performers, vendors, and local artisans collected on 10th street between 1st and 2nd avenue for 5 hours. Performers included musicians, actors, and poets. Inside the Johnson Theater the youth ran from 2-5pm, and featured approximately 10 acts whose performances were geared towards young audiences, including dance, music, comedy, and an educational presentation during which the audience learned about (and touched!) live animals. In the Cabaret Theater, the Film and Video Program featured a diverse set of film and documentary artists, 4 of whom were featured in a question-and-answer session. The indoor performances commenced in the Johnson at 6pm and ran through 1am. On Sunday afternoon, poets read their works in the Community Theater. Evening/Night performances commenced again at 6pm in both the Johnson and the Cabaret Theaters, running well past midnight. For the evening performances indoors, 150 artists and performance groups performed over the weekend. Artists featured in the festival included Penny Arcade, Rod Rodgers Dance Company, Yangtze Repertory Theatre Company of America, Dixon Place Dance Company, Bond Street Theatre, Bina Sharif, John J. Zullo Dance Company, Lissa Moira, Kalpulli Atl-Tlachinolli, The Love Show, Nicky Paraiso of La MaMa, and the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers. Throughout the entire weekend, the Visual Arts Gallery in TNC's lobby featured 45 Lower East Side artist's work, featuring multiple artworks per artist.

The 2015 Village Halloween Costume Ball took place at Theater for the New City, using all four theaters in the 30,000 square foot area. Painters and sculptors worked to transform the theaters into spaces for multiple performances filled with engaging Halloween environments. Over 100 artists and performers showcased their wide-ranging talents, from mural painting to singing and acting. In 2013, the line-up included Maquina Mono, Cobu, Suspended Cirque, and The Hot Lavender Swing Band, a 17-member jazz band. Visual artists have included Desiree Conston, Adriano Moraes, and Walter Gurbo. Tickets for the indoor program were $20. The Halloween Ball grew out of the Village Halloween Parade, which TNC created and ran managed in its first 2 years, during which it won its first OBIE. Therefore, the Ball enjoys considerable word-of-mouth fame, and many of the parade marchers end their Halloween nights at the Ball. It is the most important Halloween celebration in the city that takes place on Halloween night. The outside portion of the Costume Ball is free and ran from 4-7pm, featuring performances of bands, actors, poets, singers, and dancers, culminating in the annual production of “The Red and Black Masque” written by Arthur Sainer, with music by David Tice, and directed by Crystal Field with a 19-member company. TNC advertised in Time Out, The Village, as well as A.M New York and other news outlets, and its volunteer team printed and distributed postcards and flyers throughout the neighborhood. The team also sent out flyer's to TNC's entire mailing list The back of each flyer displayed the TNC Fall/Winter schedule, as well as the names of the Street Theater donors. TNC also sent reminders to its entire 10,000-address email list, and posted announcements on Facebook and Twitter. Another way in which the Halloween Ball was indirectly promoted, as well as directly involved in the Lower East Side community, was through the 92 participating restaurants that donated food for the Ball. In addition to ticketed audience members, each volunteer received 2 complimentary tickets to the indoor event; with 50 volunteers, this adds 100 non-paying ticketed audience members.

Our event, Love N’ Courage celebrated its 12th anniversary in support of the New it’s Emerging Playwrights Program where award-winning performer Tammy Grimes was honored. Tammy has been a loyal supporter for the new city for many years. She has performed in the lower east side festival of the arts and in many benefits for TNC. She is a constant inspiration to the young actors and actresses who passed through TNC doors on their way to commercial theater.

TNC continued its Free Ticket Program in the 2014-2015 season. In the 63 performances over this past season 6,9000 comps were used. Shows have the option not to participate in the comp tickets, but few that refuse to comply are required to present one show a week (usually on a Sunday) for “pay what you can”. Greenwich Houses for seniors, Sirovitch Center, and the Institute of International Education continue to benefit from the program, as do more than 60 others. I.I.E Center, Educational Alliance, Sirovitch Center, Chelton Loft, Stein Senior Center, Lenox Hill, and Hudson Guild are all weekly participants. Free Ticket Program members enjoyed productions such as PRECIOUS KITTY, BIKE SHOP, TENDER BUTTONS, SIX PASSIONATE WOMEN, HARD RAIN, HORRORS OF COCAINE, FINDING MY WAY BACK HOME, WHEN BLACK BOYS DIE, THE BUTTERFLY, MARTY’S STREET, CASTERBRIDGE. The program continues to serve the under-served and deserving population of the Lower East Side, as well as to develop new audiences for new artists. The Free Ticket Program remains integral part of the theater’s audience’s expansions, while continuing the important tradition of bringing theater to those who would otherwise have limited to or no access.

TNC has had an incredibly successful season, and looks forward to growth and future successes in the upcoming season. Through its programs, TNC was able to effectively and conscientiously maintain its commitment to new theater in New York City and, by doing so, continues to serve as the nexus of the Lower East Side cultural community. Theater for The New City is the cultural center for the Lower East Side. 

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