Written & Directed by BINA SHARIF

MUSLIM DIALOGUE IN MIRRORS CRACKED is about suspicion. Suspicion by everyone about everyone.

MUSLIM DIALOGUE IN MIRRORS CRACKED is about the lack of dialogue between the Muslim world and the Western world, and the caricatures, images, symbols and beliefs of each other.

In MUSLIM DIALOGUE IN MIRRORS CRACKED, there is a pacifist, peace-loving, educated Muslim woman named Halyima, who owns a hookah pipe-smoking café in a remote village of an unnamed Muslim country. Halyima's café happens to be near an American and NATO base that is surrounded by a group of Islamic extremist. The café is a peaceful oasis for young, educated, liberated, modern young couples that visit there to smoke hookah pipes, drink sherbet, and be able to be with each other in a non-threatening atmosphere. The Islamists next door suspect these young couples as being informants to Americans and NATO forces for drone attacks on the Islamists. The American intelligence officers who inhabit the cafe suspect the young couples of working for the Islamists by spying on the military bases - and then informing the Islamists of coming drone attacks.

The Islamists also suspect Halyima of giving solace, protection and wine (which is only pomegranite juice) to the so-called liberals working with the CIA.

There is no trust by anyone in this scenario. The intelligence officials and Islamists both hold superficial and shallow opinions, regarding every sign, gesture, impression of the Quran, call to prayer, wine, hijabs--and the American forces that are almost always perceived to cause harm to the native population.

The innovent young couples that have come to the café for their enjoyment are completely silent throughout the play, while the dialogue about their way of life being debated is opinionated, fissured and cracked.


Thursday - Sunday, November 29 - December 16

Thursday - Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm

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